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 SOFTSHOE72   November 29, 2009, 5:48 pm
 Pam Brown   October 24, 2008, 10:32 am
Hey Dennis just came across your page. Looks great. Tell Bonnie and the kids I said hello.
 gator   May 1, 2008, 12:01 pm
Just wanted to thank you , once
again for the race experience of a lifetime
in Atlanta ! Some people been going to
race their whole life and have yet to
experience it like I did , thanks to you !
The condo on the speedway was awesome and
Billy Blu was as nice to us as anyone could be.
Be sure to tell billy the hospitatilty
was greatly apperciated ! Good luck in
all your races and be safe. I'll be back
in North Carolina soon and I will be coming
to watch you take that checker flag !!

 don mcneely   April 20, 2008, 11:01 am
hey buddy, this your uncle don from Michigan, just trying to kep on you and your brother.Take care, great carrer.Take care.
 Tony Stevens   November 7, 2006, 1:23 am
Well, I guess I wasn't the only one getting back from Nashville at 3:30am on Sunday/Monday. You guys were too. We did a radio broadcast of the races and I ended up doing a little position swapping with you on the way home to Concord (the red Ford Focus) near Mo'ville on 77. Just figured I'd say hello :)
 Chris   September 6, 2006, 3:40 pm
hey dennis its chris from mooresville , jays old neighbor i hope u had a good season but iwanna come down for a race soon!!!!
 mark hubbard   May 19, 2006, 4:08 pm
hey dennis, how is it going, moving to charlotte soon, look ya up when i get there good luck this year!
 KendallKilgore   November 4, 2005, 1:30 pm
Just checking out your site.
 Frankie Taylor   August 29, 2005, 3:09 pm
Hey Dennis my name is Frankie Taylor you might not remember me but I helped you and Clay back in 02. I came down with you during the Governors cup. I didn't know to much back in those days but I'm learning more. This is my second full season of racing in the hobby stock and woody has been helping me out. I've been looking for you every year during the govn. cup but I guess you haven't been coming down. I read on your web site about you racing at Volusia and Putnam back when you were getting started, that sounds like what I've been doing this season. Good luck on the rest of your season.
 Bill Abbott   July 15, 2005, 5:24 pm
The last guy is right it is hard to do this when you cannot see the writing.
Talked to brother Doug and he gave me your web site. Neat. Hope the season continiues well for you and I will see you at Bristool.
 mark hubbardMA   November 9, 2004, 10:15 pm
hey dennis,i had a great time at odessa and nashville, thanks for letting me help with the car, hope i can do it again, sure wish you would find me a job, then I could help full time!!!!! see ya soon mark
 Taylor Welch   April 23, 2004, 2:10 am
hey dennis im sure you dont remember me but i did see you tonight at donnies but i was told about your site and thought i would check it the way you need to make it to where i can see what im typing on

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